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Episode 1 – Someone’s Asking For You

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About the episode

What do we make out of the silences we inherit?

When Rosana was a little girl, her favorite game was playing spies. And her favorite place to play that game was her own house, where there were mysteries she couldn’t understand. The biggest of all: her mother would disappear from home without any explanation. After she turned 18, one day, the phone rang at home. That call revealed her mother’s greatest secret. It was a secret that involved her being a woman who dared to break the rules of her time.


Script, editing, production: Isabel Cadenas Cañón
Pre-production and text editing: Laura Casielles
Script editing: Laura Casielles, Vanessa Rousselot
Assistant editor: Paula Morais
Sound design: Chaliwa Studios, Isabel Cadenas Cañón
Studio recording: Isolé División Sonora
Final mix: Chaliwa Studios
Communication: Laura Casielles
Video: Paula Morais
Collage: Carmen M. Cáceres
Translation: Emma Alvarez Cronin
Theme Music: Berlin (Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto)

Jornaleros. Cara A: Rocío