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Episode 6 – A Hole In The Silence

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About The Episode

How does one break a silence?

Twenty years ago, almost nobody in Spain used the words exhumation, disappeared, historical memory to refer to our own dead people. Twenty years ago, a man decided to change his life and, by chance, he ran into the place from which all his silences were born. That man became the first person in our country who managed to do a public exhumation, with scientific methods, and who changed the way we talk about our past. You may have heard his name many times. But this is not the story of the public man: it’s the story behind him: the story of someone who managed to dig a hole in the silence.


Script, editing, production: Isabel Cadenas Cañón
ext and script edition: Laura Casielles
Script edition: Vanessa Rousselot
Assistant editor: Paula Morais
Sound design: Isabel Cadenas Cañón, Marcos Salso
Final mix: Isolé División sonora
Communication: Laura Casielles
Video: Paula Morais
Collage: Carmen Cáceres
Translation: Lori Gerson
Theme: Berlin (Alva Noto y Ryuichi Sakamoto)

Thanks: Milagros Camuñas, Antón Castro, Pedro Canalejas Guzmán, Camino Alonso Díez, Luis Alonso Luengo, Asun Esteban Recio, Sukina Ali Taleb, Julia Silva, Naza Silva, Marco González Carrera, Gonzalo Gómez, Zoé de Kerangat, Belén Guerra, Alba González Sanz, Fany S. Vasconcellos, Patricia López, Juan Serrano, Carmen Cáceres, Arturo Casielles, Charo Hernández, Carlos Matesanz, Natalia Moldón, Soledad Marambio, Mariana Graciano, Godofredo Cadenas, Blanca Cadenas, Manu Maroto.

Jornaleros. Cara A: Rocío