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Jornaleros. Side A: Rocío

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About the episode

Where does a silence begin?

In Spain, in 1977, there was an amnesty law that pardoned politically motivated crimes committed in the past – not all of them, but we will talk about that in other episodes. And so, in our country, it was decided that this was the way to look forward and forget the past. The limits of memory were also defined, of what to remember and what not to remember, and lines were drawn that could not be crossed.

But there was a film, and a director, who dared to cross those lines. At a very, very high price. Today’s episode talks about a silence that, perhaps unbeknownst to you, marked the way we talk about our recent past… or not. The first “we don’t talk about that” of our democracy.


Production, script, editing, sound design: Isabel Cadenas Cañón
Script editing: Vanessa Rousselot
Editing and production assistant: Paula Morais
Sound design and final mix: Marcos Salso, from Isolé División sonora
Editing support, video, translation: Goldy Levy
Communication: Tais Álvarez
Collage: Carmen Cáceres
Music: Sara Muñiz, Paloma Peñarrubia
Theme song: Berlin – Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto

Thanks: Izaskun Pérez, Alex Saum, Ana Pinto, Ildefonso Vergara, Carmen Cáceres, Clara Nieto, Sonia García López, Patricia López, Queralt Castillo, Jadiya Ali, Iraide Bilbao, Etorne Lexartxa, Alex Rodríguez, Picu San Miguel, Pablo Fisher,  Leire Ariz, Yamini Prabhu, Marta Kosters,  Fermín Garrido, Verónica Adame, Inma Pardo, Rebeca López.

Jornaleros. Cara A: Rocío