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Perdidas. Side B: Dolores

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About the episode

How many silences fit in a life story? 

Dolores, or Loli, lived for many, many years with a void in her story: a blurred past of which she barely remembered a face, a name, a place. The cloud begins to form as soon as she leaves an institution for single mothers where she was admitted when she was just a teenager. But it is very complicated to live without history. That’s why, when she discovers the Internet, she searches for evidence to help her reconstruct her story. And there she meets Consuelo, the protagonist of the A side of this story. And Loli finally begins to remember.


Production, script, editing: Isabel Cadenas Cañón, Vanessa Rousselot
Edition: Isabel Cadenas Cañón
Editing assistant: Paula Morais
Sound design: Isabel Cadenas Cañón, Marcos Salso
Final mix: Isolé División sonora
Video, translation: Goldy Levy
Communication: Tais Álvarez
Collage: Carmen Cáceres
Music: Sara Muñiz
Theme: Berlin – Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto

Thanks: Picu San Miguel, Patri Horrillo, Tatiana Romero, Izaskun Pérez, Julia Santos, Sonia García López, Susana Alonso, Nerea Pérez, Mónica Huerga, Blanca Cadenas

Jornaleros. Cara A: Rocío