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Prologue – Calderón

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About the episode

How long should a silence last?

Well… We’re back!

In music, a fermata is a pause or rest that lasts as long as the performer wishes. The silence it generates is always broken, either with more music or with applause. We return after more than two years of silence and we do it, precisely, talking about our fermata.


Script, editing, production: Paula Morais Montes
Text edition: Isabel Cadenas Cañón
Script edition: Isabel Cadenas Cañón, Vanessa Rousselot
Sound design: Paula Morais Montes, Isabel Cadenas Cañón, Marcos Salso
Final mix: Isolé División sonora
Script assistant, video, translation: Goldy Levy
Communication: Tais Álvarez
Collage: Carmen Cáceres
Music: Paula Morais Montes

Thanks: Laura Casielles, Vicky García, Sofía de Roa, Carlos Matesanz, Queralt Castillo, Fany Vasconcelos, Guillermo Catalano, Leire Ariz, Caterina Muñoz, James Fernández, Patricia Horrillo, Clara Nieto, Miriam Hernanz

Jornaleros. Cara A: Rocío