Isabel Cadenas Cañón Isabel has made documentaries and sound reports for Deutsche Welle, Radio Ambulante, Euskadi Irratia and Carne Cruda. She has written chronicles for La Marea, CTXT,, El Estado Mental and has worked as a producer for ARTE and Rai. She has also published two books of poems, Irse and También eso era el verano, and her latest book is the essay Poética de la ausencia (Cátedra, 2019). She has a PhD in Cultural Studies and is a Cultural History teacher at New York University - Madrid.

She is the director of De eso no se habla, a very personal project that was born from her own silences and quests. Besides being behind the original idea and coordinating the team, she is in charge of the production, script, editing and sound design of our stories. And she is, of course, the voice in charge of sharing these stories with you.
Laura Casielles Laura is a poet and journalist. She has written various books of poetry: Soldado que huye, Los idiomas comunes, Las señales que hacemos en los mapas and Breve historia de algunas cosas. She has also worked as a reporter, as a press consultant and in the field of political communication. Currently, she works with various media platforms, journals and, on a more regular basis, she is the co-coordinator of the culture section in La Marea magazine.

In De eso no se habla she is in charge of communication and of connecting with our community of listeners. She also works on many other tasks: text editing, coming up with stories... and organizing all those little things that no one sees, but that are essential to keep the machine running.
Vanessa Rousselot Vanessa is an audiovisual producer. She has directed documentaries that have been broadcasted worldwide and have received international prizes, and also TV reports and webdocs for European channels such as Arte, France 2, TV5 or The Guardian. She produces podcasts (currently, for a platform called Audible) and delivers workshops on storytelling, among other subjects, at the Universidad a Distancia de La Rioja (UNIR). She is also the deputy editor-in-chief of Diario Vivo, a media platform that offers live broadcast.

In De eso no se habla she is the script editor, working on our stories so we can deliver them in the best way possible.
Paula Morais Montes Paula is finishing a degree in Journalism and Audiovisual Communication. She’s also a musician: having finished her professional degree in piano, she writes songs and gives concerts as Paula Ferraz. She also collaborates in different communication and art projects.

She joined De eso no se habla as an intern and soon became indispensable. She works as a production, editing and communication assistant... and she takes care of anything else that’s needed. She is also in charge of making the videos for each episode and including the subtitles. But no, for the time being, she hasn't had to make any coffee 😉
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